About Us

About Top Tier Travel

Top Tier Travel started out as a brother-sister team whose travel roots started with their dad, who lived to travel. Through their experiences as kids, traveling around the world with that father, sometimes in his own airplane, Gini and Rick found a deep passion for exploring the world. Spending their summers in the Grand Canyon, Christmas in Paris or London, and weekends in Las Vegas, Gini and Rick knew very early on that travel would be part of who they were for the rest of their lives.

Rick is now retired after a long, successful career in commercial construction and spends his free time traveling the world on solo adventures to all corners of the globe. Gini continues to follow their shared passion and years of expertise with travelers, small business owners, and those who are looking to get more in touch with their own passions in life. Traveling has united their family, creating amazing memories and a legacy that is being carried through future generations. Join Top Tier Travel to unite your tribe through travel and experiences!

About Gini

Gini began her foray into the travel industry over 15 years ago. Following the completion of her degree at the University of Northern Colorado, Gini’s job required her to coordinate transportation for more than 1,500 people during that year’s Super Bowl. She found that she had a knack for travel and transportation coordination and went on to become a partner at Time to Travel and Tours, where she was responsible for logistics and helped to expand their offerings to encompass cross-country tours. In 2007, Gini found a passion for Sports Travel while working as the Operations Manager for a prominent sports travel company. As the Operations Manager, she handled every aspect of the company’s turn-key packages – providing hotel, tickets, transportation, private jets, and more for major sporting events around the world. In addition, Gini developed a reputation within the Corporate Travel community as a person of exceptional knowledge, access, and commitment to excellence. She has since expanded her offerings to include unique family and leisure travel worldwide, and brings with it a personal commitment to the most refined travel experiences by design.

Gini’s passions outside of travel and speaking include spending time in nature, specifically focusing on her property in Thicket, Texas. This 32 acre forest has been a pet project of Gini’s for quite some time as she works to turn it into a retreat space for meditation retreats and programs. In what little spare time she has, Gini does her best to make time to relax and reflect at her home in Houston, Texas.