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BadA$$ Women in Business Mastermind


Join The Tribe!

Hey Gorgeous! We see you out there tasting success. Your vision is coming into focus. You’ve come a long way sister! Yet, you know deep down inside that you and your business are meant for even greater greatness and you’re ready to step into your full BadA$$-ness. Our tribe is ready to support you in creating better balance and more profit, handling challenges like a BO$$. If you’re ready to obliterate your obstacles, stop feeling isolated as an entrepreneur, wife, mother or super woman and create your biggest and best business yet, come sit by us girl- because, together, we’ve got this!  Together we will leverage the knowledge of expert guests, strategize, network, and play as group of women who are out there owning their BadA$$ness, stepping-up, stepping-out and making things happen. Are you ready? Get the nitty gritty below!



This is a Mastermind for BadA$$ Women by BadA$$ Women. We are a group of powerful women who are ready for more. More Money, More Clients, More Love, Life, more FUN. We know that fun and profit don’t have to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. We know that you CAN have more, because our founders and coaches have created it for themselves and are now ready to help you. In our Mastermind we will:

  • Tackle the Big Business problems together.
  • Have access to coaches and experts who have tools and experience you can leverage.
  • Tackle goals to get from where we are to where we want to be.
  • Commit to being action takers and profit makers.
  • Create a sisterhood of support for one another’s businesses.
  • Network and joint venture.
  • Be BadA$$.


The Details

When: 2 X per month- First & Third Tuesdays at noon CST until 1:30pm CST.

Where: Virtual- on zoom

Format: Each session includes:

  • A featured expert who teaches skills to enhance your business.
  • The Magic Questions- questions geared to help you take deep dive into the topic of the week.
  • Small group problem solving for your business.
  • Tribe Networking- you’ll get to know your Tribe mates deeply and find ways to help serve on another on a deeper level.
  • Spot light Session-  one lucky gal will have the opportunity to recieve coaching from the group on her biggest business need.
  • Goal Setting & Accountability- we will set SMART goals to accomplish before the next session.