Remember to be completed packed and checked out of your room with your luggage in the lobby at your departure time!

Alphabetical by airline then numerical by flight number.

Airline – Destination
Flight Number
Flight Time
Hotel Departure Time
AeroMexico – MEX1419:14 AM7:00 AM
Alaska Airlines – LAX2271:15 PM10:00 AM
American – DFW35312:33 PM9:30 AM
American – PHX4416:15 PM3:00 PM
American – PHX5712:35 PM11:00 AM
American – DFW12152:20 PM11:00 AM
American – DFW12884:20 PM1:30 PM
Delta – ATL3981:55 PM10:30 AM
Delta – DTW5681:45 PM10:30 AM
Delta – LAX7704:35 PM2:00 PM
Delta – MEX79839:14 AM7:00 AM
Southwest – HOU1092:35 PM11:00 AM
Southwest – LAX1115:40 PM2:30 PM
Southwest – OAK1254:40 PM2:00 PM
Southwest – DEN5152:10 PM10:30 AM
United – IAH16321:50 PM10:30 AM
United – IAH17033:26 PM12:00 PM