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April 30 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Join us once again for some amazing drinks and some equally amazing talent during our Quar-eeokie Quarantine Cocktail Hour! We’ll provide the drink recipes, local bartender, and streaming if you provide the beautiful voices and list of songs to preform!


Since this is a virtual karaoke party, please be prepared for some audacious audio – but hey, that’s what the alcohol is for!



  1. Open this form.
  2. Enter your name, the song you wish to perform, the artist, and ideally a link to the video you’ll be singing along to or the lyrics so we can all follow along!
  3. The moderator will call out who will perform next – make sure to have your materials ready! (Note: No headphones.)
  4. When it’s your turn, unmute yourself, play your song through some speakers, and sing along to impress us all!
  5. When it’s not your turn keep yourself muted to reduce echo, but feel free to jam out with the performer! Cause who said a karaoke party can’t also be a dance party?


Agenda: Get the private Zoom link (via the Facebook group or EventBrite), join us on Zoom, have some drinks together, sing to our favorite songs (most likely off-key, as any good karaoke party should be), and have a blast!


Dress-code: Whatever you feel most comfortable in to hit those high notes and dance along while others sing along!


See you there!



Quarantine Cocktail Hour Helps support those who are out of work due to COVID-19 through donations via our “virtual tip jar,” but the event itself is free to join!


Where does my donation go?

80%: Split evenly between participating bartenders and entertainment.
20%: Organizer and moderator costs, and credit card fees.
We suggest a minimum $5 donation.


Join the Facebook group or RSVP on EventBrite for information and details on how to join Zoom! And for the most up-to-date information on events, make sure to follow Top Tier Travel’s Facebook page!


Interested in hosting a Quarantine Cocktail Hour to support your city? Email us at info@toptiertravel.com.


April 30
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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