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How to Get out of Town for the Weekend Without Blowing Your Budget Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut these days? A weekend away could be the perfect refresher. But how do you do it without blowing your budget? Make the most of your travel budget by following these frugal travel tips….

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Mental Benefits of Travel

Busting Stress: How to Reap the Mental Benefits of Travel   When your mind is whirring from work pressures and you can’t seem to get into restorative relaxation mode; this is when you should take a vacation. Getting away is not only essential for your general well-being but especially beneficial for your mental health, experts…

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Working While Traveling

Combining Business with Pleasure: Strategies for Working While Traveling   If you are like many people, you find yourself having to spend at least some time while on vacation tending to business. Effectively, efficiently working while traveling for can prove to be rather complicated, especially while attempting to enjoy your time away from the office….

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The Taste of New Orleans

You’ve probably hear about New Orleans unique cuisine. The combination of French, English, African and Caribbean flavors create the unforgettable Creole and Cajun cuisines. (What’s the difference? Check out the New Orleans School of Cooking in the French Quarter to learn all about New Orleans food!) New Orleans is one of our favorite destinations and…

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Frustrated by fluctuating hotel prices?

What causes fluctuating hotel prices? Why does the hotel you stayed at in November costs twice as much in May? You may not find it surprising that hotel industry rates work on supply and demand. To have an accurate idea of this demand, hotels collect their own data data and data from nearby hotels about their…