Based in the southeast, Bethany Webster is an entrepreneur, international trainer, mindset strategist, wealth creation coach, and philanthropist. She had success in real estate in her early 20’s, followed by careers in nursing and photography. At age 29 and with a 2 year old little boy, Bethany found herself completely broken financially, spiritually and mentally. She knew things had to change; she made a decision to “POSTURE UP” and make things happen. Today, Bethany inspires thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the globe by sharing her story of triumph. Through her Posture Up Nation coaching platform, she is helping people get on FIRE for their purpose! She can help you find the extraordinary in what you think is just ordinary from within! Get ready to “POSTURE UP” your life!

Virginia “Gini” Trask is an international motivational speaker, Master Business Coach and entrepreneur. Gini started in the travel industry just after college over 15 years ago. Being from a family of entrepreneurs, she started her first business at a very young age. Through her travel management company, Top Tier Travel, Gini has curated events around the world including the Summer and Winter Olympics, World Cup, Super Bowl, Daytona 500, Final Four and The Masters. Starting from her experience in the travel industry, Gini created the Beach Boss System for Retreats Made Easy, a method for creating and utilizing plug and play solutions to help fortune 500 companies and small businesses identify and maximize ways to connect and retain customers, as well as employees through experiences. 

Gini is a featured expert speaker on the VIP Success Panel for the national small business accelerator conference, Inspiration 2020. Her experience in business and travel have lead her to focus her efforts on helping other businesses monetize followers, convert clients and inspire employees to be raving fans using travel and experiences.

Gini holds a degree in Acting from the University of Northern Colorado. She and her husband, Loren, live with their dog, Hunny, in Houston, TX. While not traveling the world, Gini spends her time reading, spending time with her family and exploring the local live music and art scenes within her hometown of Houston.

Kimberly Hobscheid is an award-winning international inspirational public speaker, best-selling author, audiobook producer, six-time entrepreneur.  

She is the creator of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel,  an active community of Entrepreneurs, looking to contribute, connect and grow with other entrepreneurs.  Her vision is to inspire all entrepreneurs, to achieve their genius, in whatever way that is.

Kimberly is the mother of two and an adventure seeker, who has hiked sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, navigated Class IV rapids with one of Costa Rica’s female Olympic medal-winning whitewater champions, sailed down the coast of Mexico on a 42-foot Yankee Clipper, and traversed 200 miles on horseback through Canada’s Jasper National Park.  Her motto is “live life out loud”

Kimberly has been a guest speaker in cities worldwide, inspiring people to get to where they want to go.  Her specialty is turning dreams into reality.

How many people can say that they wake up each day and have the freedom to live they way they desire to live? Many of us seek the path true financial freedom, and for those on the path, Heather is here to help. Heather Schooler (pronounced SCHOOL ER) is founder of The Money Library, an organization whose mission is to help adults “Work because they want to not because they have to.”. She is also a partner with Red Sapiens a business coaching and advisory firm with a desire to help all entrepreneurs thrive.

Heather is an author, business coach, international speaker and trainer. She was named instructor of the year in 2013 and 2016 by the Association for Supply Chain Management and holds a certification in coaching from the John Maxwell organization. She released her first book 2017, The Money Library Volume I “Living Great on What you Make”. She was a contributor to the Best-Selling Book “How Entrepreneurs Thrive” released in January 2019 and her next book on entrepreneurship will be released winter of 2020.

Heather holds a BA in Accounting from Miami University in Ohio, an MBA in Operations Management from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and was Valedictorian of The Joseph Business School. In addition to her education she has over 20 years of business growth and development saving millions for companies across the globe. Heather has both the educational and hands on experience to give a business the breakthrough it needs to move to the next level.

Michelle Guinn is a Success Building Expert, speaker, author, and coach who has found her passion helping others become even more successful. She spent over 25 years working for fortune 500 companies supporting executive management and leading teams. Michelle understands the habits necessary to be successful in the corporate environment. Now, having built her own business, Michelle shares her knowledge of the daily habits required for the entrepreneur and small business owner.

Are you, like most women, a woman who wears many hats? Business woman, mother, wife, community influencer? Do you struggle with being EVERYTHING to EVERYONE only to realize you haven’t created the space to be what you need to be for yourself? Do you consciously or subconsciously not believe you deserve to create time for yourself and feel burnout on the horizon. 

Let Monique help! Monique understands that as a woman, many times we are called to be everything to everyone, which can sometimes leave us depleted and unbalanced for our own development. She teaches women why creating this balance is so important for themselves (and how it will also positively impact those around them), how to shift their mindset from “I don’t have the time” to “I deserve to invest in myself and make the time for ME”; and practical strategies to actually create this balance. The goal is that women walk away feeling empowered, equipped and have real working strategies that promote elevation in the areas of their personal and self development.  

Monique McClure was born in Missouri City, TX and raised in Charlotte, NC. She received her Bachelors of Science degree in 2003 from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, NC and her Masters of Business Administration at Strayer University in 2010. Throughout her career, Monique has acquired many skills that are essential to following a path of a promising career in Corporate America and her experience ranges from coaching Agile Scrum teams, small business owners and professionals, but  her greatest desire is to focus on her true passion of enriching the lives of women. In 2018, she began to realize how important it was for her “pay it forward” and truly dedicate her time to empowering and educating women on how to elevate their lives through personal and self development through the wisdom, teachings, and experiences she has acquired throughout her own life. She too is a woman who wears many hats; business woman, wife, mother, church leader. She is passionate about teaching you how to go from “self-less” to “self-full”-that is to pour from a cup that overflows.

Dr. Wendy Labat is an entrepreneur, strategist, speaker, and author. She has her Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Entrepreneurship and over 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur. She is the CEO of The Financial Cures LLC. The scope of the company includes: financial services, insurance, tax preparation, entrepreneurial development, and business strategy. Dr. Labat is also the Founder and CEO of Ascend Foundation Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers disadvantaged women to pursue and realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Financial strength requires strategies for protection whether you live too long, die too soon, or get sick along the way. That’s why she created The Financial Cures System© which teaches results-based strategies for financial mastery. Dr. Labat’s commitment to provide people with this knowledge, understanding, and exposure empowers them to ascend from where they are to where they want to be.

Dr. Wendy has improved the financial lives of many individuals, families, and business owners across the U.S. by empowering them to develop specific strategies to: take control over their finances; make their money work for them; get proper protection to prevent financial ruin; build a financial legacy; create generational wealth; and have financial freedom to live the life they desire.

Dr. Labat is currently a presenter on the Success 2020 national tour. She has been featured in several publications such as Success Profiles Magazine, Black Enterprise and The Atlanta Tribune. Dr. Wendy has served as a Board Member for various business, community, and civic organizations. Dr. Labat currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Zion Hill Community Development Corporation, a 501(c)3 foundation established to provide housing for homeless women and young adults. She is an active member of Zion Hill Baptist Church. Dr. Labat is also a member of the National Society of Leadership & Success, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

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