Wild and Weird Louisville

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Want to know what to do in Louisville after you’ve been down tourists row? There’s a lot of Louisville to experience, and we have a special love of the strange, wacky, and “off the beaten-path” attractions.

Here are 3 of our weirdest “not for tourists” picks:


Colonel Sanders Gravesite

Colonel Harlan Sanders is far and away the most revered Kentucky gentleman ever to live. If you’ve ever had his famous fried chicken you might be willing to make the pilgrimage to his gravesite, conveniently located in Cave Hill cemetery — right in the heart of Louisville!

Address: 701 Baxter Ave., Louisville, KY

Directions:  Enter the cemetery from the Grinstead Drive entrance. Turn right immediately after you enter, and follow the weathered yellow line. It ends at the grave, on the right.

Want to take the weirdness up a notch? While you’re at the cemetery, stop on by the tombstone of Samantha Ann McDonald a.k.a “Jesus is my Swingset.


Waverly Hills Sanitorium

In case wandering around a cemetery in search of a fast-food baron’s grave isn’t spooky enough, Waverly Sanitorium is sure to send you over the edge. Waverly Hills is considered to be one of the most haunted places on earth by paranormal investigators far and wide. The tuberculosis clinic turned medical & geriatric clinic is complete with its own “death chute” and, supposedly, experiences paranormal activity daily.

The owners keep a strict schedule for tours that must be booked in advance, so be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time on their website.

Address: 4400 Paralee Ln, Louisville, KY 40272


Zip-line the Louisville Mega Caverns

Who would have thought that Louisville had 17 miles of underground caverns beneath the city? The Louisville Mega Caverns are family-friendly and have a little bit of something for everyone — offering a 2.5 hour zip-line tour across the caverns, the world’s largest underground ropes challenge course, the nation’s only underground bike park, and an underground tram tour.

Address: 1841 Taylor Ave, Louisville, KY 40213

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