When & Where is Super Bowl XLVIII (Super Bowl 48)?

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As football season approaches, we are all looking towards the “Big Game”- Super Bowl  XLVIII.  Here is a quick guide to the location, date and a few other fun facts for the Super Bowl in 2014

When is Super Bowl XLVIII?- The date for Super Bowl 48 otherwise known as Super Bowl XLVIII is Sunday February 2, 2014.  It is easy to get confused, since the majority of the NFL football season takes place in 2013, it is common for people to mistakenly refer to Super Bowl 48 as the 2013 Super Bowl, when it should be referred to as the 2014 Super Bowl, since it really does take place next year.  Fun Super Bowl Fact:  The Super Bowl is always held on the first Sunday in February.

What Time is Super Bowl XLVIII / What Time is Kick-Off for Super Bowl 48?  Though the start time / kick-off time for the 2014 Super Bowl is still to be determined it will likely be around 6:30 pm EST.  When the Super Bowl is held in a central time zone, as it was in New Orleans in 2013, it is common for the kick-off time to be around 5:30 pm CST as it allows time for both the East Coast and West Coast Superbowl fans to tune in for the game. Fun Super Bowl Fact: Devin Hester was the first NFL Player to return the opening kick-off for a touchdown.  In the 2007 Super Bowl XLI in Miami Hester returned the kick-off 92 yards giving the Chicago Bears a 7-0 lead over the Indianapolis Colts.

What time will the gates open on Super Bowl Sunday XLVIII? The gate opening time for Super Bowl XLVIII is still to be determined.  Historically the gates will open at or before noon for the Super Bowl. We will keep you updated as soon as we know the official time the gates will open. Fun Super Bowl Fact: Though there has never been a delay in opening the gates, SuperBowl XLVII had a delay in the 3rd Quarter when the lights went out in the Mercedes Benz Super Dome in New Orleans.

Where is Super Bowl XLVIII going to be played?- Super Bowl XLVIII (48) will be held at MetLife Stadium “Meadowlands” in East Rutherford New Jersey.   Fun Super Bowl Fact: 2014 will mark the 1st time that a cold-weather Super Bowl has been played outdoors.  

Where was the 2013 Super Bowl (XLVII)- In 2013 Super Bowl XLVII was played at the Super Dome in New Orleans, LA.  New Orleans hosted the Super Bowl for the 10th time, which ties the city with Miami for the most Superbowls hosted by any city. Fun Super Bowl Fact: New York city has taken inspiration from the success of Indianapolis’ Super Bowl XLVI’s Super Bowl Village which featured tons of fun activities for Super Bowl attendees including a zip-line for fans. The New York Super Bowl Committee has planned a “Super Bowl” Boulevard which will have a slalom rather than a zip-line.

When is the best time to buy a 2013 Super Bowl XLVIII travel package- If you are planning to travel to New York/New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII it best to plan your trip very early.  The best ticket prices and hotels are available now.  Many people who wait until after the playoffs will not get the best selection of accommodations, which are in Manhattan.  Also, ticket prices are the lowest in the months leading up to the play-offs.  If you wait too long to buy your package you risk losing out on the best hotels and ticket prices may rise significantly. Browse Super Bowl Travel Packages Here.

Who Will Win the 2014 Super Bowl (XLVIII)?- If we only knew!! We would love to see the New Jersey Jets and the New York Giants go head to head, since both teams would technically be on their home turf, but the likelihood of that is about as good as us selling ski-vacations in hades.  The San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, and defending champs the Baltimore Ravens are all looking good right now! Fun Super Bowl fact: No team has ever played a Super Bowl on their home turf.

We hope this little guide is helpful!!  Stay tuned for more information on our preparations on the Road to Super Bowl XLVIII. We can’t wait to head to New York to be a part of the 2014 Super Bowl action!

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